Style: "yoga portrait"Practicum Course

The Yoga Calm Practicum is designed to give teachers, counselors and therapists and other adults that work with youth a supervised practical application of Yoga Calm activities and methods.

This course includes practice teaching, lesson planning, video observation of Yoga Calm Instructor’s classes and personalized coaching. It’s a powerful way to learn, as you will get real-world experience applying Yoga Calm, combined with individualized support.

The Practicum’s unique design will help you deepen your knowledge and develop your ability to teach self-regulation, attention, integrative movement and social/emotional skills development activities to youth (Pre-K to grade 12) .

You can register for the Practicum anytime after completion of the Integrated Approach to Wellness 1 course.

The course’s portfolio and coursework also counts toward Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Program.

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Practical Learning

The Practicum’s main requirement is the creation of a portfolio, which includes the following work products:

  • Teaching log documenting 20 hours of teaching Yoga Calm to youth (Preschool – 12th grade)
  • Open-book exam (Yoga Calm for Children)
  • Five lesson plans, each based on a Yoga Calm Principle (Stillness, Listening, Grounding, Strength, Community)
  • 30-minute video of you teaching Yoga Calm to youth

If taking the Practicum as part of the Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Certification Program, its portfolio must be completed and submitted 4 weeks prior to your Certification Capstone course in order to certify by that course date. (Please contact us if you have any questions about this requirement.)

Get Credit! Get Certified!

Coursework applies towards the Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Certification programs.

A certificate of completion, showing 12 instructional hours,  is provided and accepted for continuing education by many professional licensing boards.

One graduate credit is available through Portland State University, Washington School Counseling Association clock hours are also available. Check specific course listing for credit costs and availability.

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