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A Healthy Summer Treat

There are a few times each year when we're more apt than usual to indulge in delicious but not always healthy foods. Thanksgiving. Christmas. And summertime? You bet! Think of burgers, hot dogs and corn dogs at a theme park, ballpark or beach boardwalk. Think of the...

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Becoming Mindful of Mindfulness

We live in a world of buzz and hum, light and noise, constant motion. We're constantly multitasking and living in future tense. We're bombarded with information, both through electronic media and the physical environment which seems ever more crowded and cacophonous...

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Reducing Anxiety through Exercise

leah pritchard/Flickr Physical exercise has more than just physical benefits. For instance, as we wrote a while back, when kids exercise more, they also tend to achieve more academically. In Spark, John Ratey provides ample support for this as well as the many other...

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Yoga in the Classroom Makes a Difference

One of the main questions administrators ask when the prospect of integrating yoga into the curriculum comes up is, "Why?" by which they're typically wanting to know how yoga connects with an academic mission and what the benefits of that connection are. Of course,...

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Electronic Media and the Battle for Our Minds

When was the last time you had an hour – an hour without distractions – just to think about things? Or even a half hour? Fifteen minutes? As I write this blog, instant messages flash up on my second monitor while my printer churns out workshop handouts and my cell...

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