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The Yoga Calm Blog Year in Review, 2018

The end of year is a natural time for reflection – and for us, that includes some reflection on the life of this blog, which is now entering its 11th year. That alone is a little hard to believe. It seems just yesterday that we were creating our first post over at...

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What Is Your Gift?

Think back to when you were small and grownups asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. Your answers probably changed a lot over time. One month, you wanted to be a veterinarian, the next, an astronaut. Or teacher. Or cowboy. Or scientist. Maybe you did grow...

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The Many Ways of Mindfulness

It was a lovely, sunny, summer day, and there I was beating myself up a bit for slacking on my meditation practice. Then my 7-year old granddaughter Anna rushed up and tugged at my arm. “Come on, Grandma. Come out and play with me!” So I followed her as she ran across...

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Co-Regulation and Hoberman Sphere

Originally posted on the 1000 Petals Blog by Stephanie Kennelly What should you do when an agitated child refuses to do any breathwork or movement? We often say, “you are the intervention”. In fact, we dedicated an entire blog post to the idea of practicing these...

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