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Valentine’s Day Advice

Recently, a group of five fifth grade boys in one of my Yoga Calm groups said they had something “really important to talk with me about.” It had “something to do about” their feelings. Over the course of the year, these boys had gradually opened up about all sorts of...

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The New Year – Chaos & Beauty

It’s the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. And like with all transitions, the end of a cycle presents an interesting challenge. It’s a rich time for reflection but also a potential trap for self-criticism. We mention this as many of you have undoubtedly had...

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Using Rewards

Recently, Jim and I were struggling with our weekly Children’s Program class. We had a few children who were having trouble getting themselves under control, and they, in turn, would throw the whole class off – a not uncommon experience for any classroom teacher! ...

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Trick or Treat

Halloween can be a wonderful time for children to explore their imaginations. Or, as many teachers and parents can attest, it can be a nightmare of sugar-fueled overexcitement and big emotions. There's nothing wrong with "big energy"and excited children, of course....

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Yoga Calm Kids on KATU/ABC

Yoga Calm was featured on Portland morning program AM Northwest doing a Yoga Calm demonstration with kids. You have to see Brandon being interviewed by the host while holding side plank!

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