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The following Yoga Calm training courses are for school teachers, counselors, nurses, therapists, yoga teachers, parents and other adults who work with children. Click the event name to read a full description. For PSU or other university course credit you will register at the course and you will be billed for the course credit directly by that institution.

Classes for children and teens are available here.

Youth Instructor Certification Course Series

Integrated Approach to Wellness 1: Introduction to Yoga Calm

Learn to teach 40 simple yoga-based activities, mindfulness exercises, and social/emotional skill training to help PreK-12 students improve self-control, attention, behavioral skills, physical health and emotional stability. Fun, effective and appropriate for all ages and abilities, including special needs students. Includes lesson plans, research support, trauma-informed practices, and textbook. READ MORE

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Integrated Approach to Wellness 2: Physical Connections to Learning

Support classroom community and increase daily physical activity while developing strength, flexibility and health awareness through 30 more fun, engaging and experiential activities. Participants receive detailed instruction in team building and leadership skill development, yoga pose alignment, sequencing and adaptations for developmental stages and diverse abilities, including special needs students. READ MORE

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Integrated Approach to Wellness 3: Social/Emotional Connections to Learning

Learn 20 new engaging and effective social/emotional skill development activities from the research-supported Yoga Calm Wellness Curriculum that directly address PreK-12 youths’ need for emotional guidance and support in school, home and therapeutic settings. Includes case histories from school counseling and clinical experience, storytelling and symbolic language, trauma resiliency skills and the complementary aspects of Eastern and Western psychology. READ MORE

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Deepen your knowledge and develop your ability to teach self-regulation, attention, integrative movement and social/emotional skills development activities to PreK-12 youth. The Yoga Calm Practicum includes practice teaching, lesson planning, mindfulness inquiries and observation and guidance on how to successfully teach Yoga Calm. READ MORE

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Certification Capstone

Celebrate the culmination of your certification experience with demonstration teaching, individualized feedback from your trainers, an opportunity to see others teach Yoga Calm, and special sessions on how to develop your business and promote your classes for youth. READ MORE

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Intensive (Wellness 1, 2, & 3) – Oregon, Washington & Minnesota

Learn the complete Yoga Calm Wellness Curriculum, its principles and over 100 activities and lesson plans from the Wellness 1, 2 & 3 courses. These include breathing exercises, simple yoga poses and mindfulness activities, social/emotional skill development activities, relaxation/storytelling processes and emotional guidance techniques. Effective for a wide range of ages (preK-12), settings, and populations, including special-needs children. READ MORE

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Adult Instructor Certification Course

RYT-200 Immersion

The Yoga Calm RYT-200 Immersion course provides a solid foundation in the art and science of teaching adult yoga classes, leading to a 200-hour teacher certification and registration with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). READ MORE

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Yoga for Seniors Instructor Certificate Course

Teaching Yoga to Seniors

This pioneering program combines the best of modern, evidence-based medicine with the ancient wisdom, experience and tradition of Yogic teachings, leading to a Yoga for Seniors Certificate. Developed at Duke Integrative Medicine.  READ MORE

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Mindfulness & Attention Courses

Mindfulness and the Brain: Embodying Mindfulness in Education

Experience how mindfulness can transform your life, your relationships, and your work with youth. We’ll cover basic brain anatomy, development and function, and learn the practice of mindfulness from Peace in Schools, the nonprofit that launched the first for-credit mindfulness class in a U.S. public high school.. READ MORE

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Mindfulness‐Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an 8‐week intensive course designed to explore and cultivate skillful habits of mind. Decades of research demonstrate moderate and consistent support for the effects of MBSR in improving coping skills, relationships, empathy, quality of life, as well as anxiety, depression, and burnout. READ MORE

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ADHD: the Mind/Body Connection

Learn specific strategies and fun and engaging activities to help children struggling with impulse control and attention issues (ADHD) work productively and play appropriately in classroom, home and other social situations. Over 30 years of clinical experience and the latest research are distilled into 10 key strategies and dozens of specially designed recreational activities that build key behavioral, cognitive and social skills that benefit all children. READ MORE

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Trauma Courses

Transforming Childhood Trauma: Healing Heart, Mind & Body

Learn a strength‐based approach for working with childhood trauma that engages the whole child, including their physical, mental and emotional resources to promote healing, develop resilience and support growth.  Explore how to integrate evidence-based tools, such as yoga, mindfulness, social-emotional learning activities, and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) into your work with youth..  READ MORE

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Environmental Education Courses

Love, Knowledge and Action: Inspiring Environmental Stewardship

Learn how to lead summer camps and school-based activities (K-8) that creatively integrate physical yoga, social/emotional learning, music, art and environmental education. These fun and engaging activities support the whole child and inspire stewardship for our natural world.  READ MORE

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Other Popular Courses

Boys Coyotes & Other Wild Creatures

It’s time to meet boys’ unique needs, and to provide healthy and creative outlets for their “wildness.” Learn the importance of movement and “rough” play and the need for boys to find meaning, initiation and physical connection to the world. We will use traditional stories of animals such as wolves, coyotes and cougars, and current cultural mythology such as Star Wars’ Jedi knights, to explore the warrior archetype and its importance in addressing the global challenges of this era.READ MORE

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Listening to the Body: Yoga Calm for Therapists

Learn how to combine mindfulness, simple yoga practices, and effective counseling techniques in individual and small group therapy sessions. This whole-client approach supports the development of wellness habits and addresses some of the most persistent physical symptoms that accompany anxiety, depression, ADHD, loss, and trauma. READ MORE

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