Back in Balance: Self-Care for Body, Mind & Heart


Find out how to use yoga, mindfulness and social support to build resilience to stress, promote healing, and support our overall health and wellness with health education pioneers, Jim and Lynea Gillen…

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Jim Gillen, ERYT-500, & Lynea Gillen, LPC, TRE Provider

December 8, 2019

8:30 – 11:30 am

Still Moving Yoga
SW Portland

Bring your life back into balance with self-care practices that release stress, heal injuries, and support healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Toxic stress and chronic injuries not only rob us of our physical health but also affect our relationships, our work and overall happiness. Find out how to use yoga, mindfulness and social support to build resilience to stress, promote healing, and support our overall health and wellness.

Health education pioneers Jim and Lynea Gillen will show how their integrated approach to wellness is the key for happiness and life success.

Come ready to learn, laugh and grow.

What You Will Learn

  • How work stress, physical injury and psychological stress and trauma affect our body’s physiology and how to safely “unwind” this “Flexor Response” to promote healing.
  • Ten simple activities, including tension and trauma releasing exercises (TRE), to gently stretch and strengthen the body in order to release deeply held tension, restore the nervous system and build resilience.
  • The use of mindfulness, breathing techniques and restorative yoga practices to help calm and recharge the body’s nervous system, release chronic holding patterns and integrate the benefits of our self-care practice.
  • Tips and handouts to support the integration of self-care activities and “stress busters” into our daily work/life.

As we wind down our stress response, we also help others around us do the same, since we all attune to each other’s nervous system. Thus, these self-care tools are especially important for teachers, therapists, caregivers and parents.


$75 ($60 for Certified Yoga Calm Instructors. Contact us for discount code.)

No previous experience required.

Small group setting with registration limited to 15.

Professional Development Credit

A certificate of completion documenting three clock hours/PDUs will be provided upon request.


Jim and Lynea GillenJim and Lynea Gillen are award-winning authors, speakers and pioneers in the field of health and wellness education.

Jim has helped thousands of students in his 22+ years as a yoga instructor. Lynea, as a school counselor, created Yoga Calm for children, a college-accredited program used by tens of thousands of educators and therapists around the world.

Distilling the latest science and decades of yoga, mindfulness and counseling experience into practical advice for daily living is their gift.

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