Earth Warriors | Book Release & Workshop


Learn how to get our youth reconnected with nature, foster hope, and creatively respond to our changing world.

Earth Warriors | Book Release & Workshop

with Lynea Gillen & Leah Shuyler

October 23, 2021
9 am – 3 pm (PDT)

Live, Online Training with Zoom

Inspire and Empower Our Youth to Create a Hopeful Environmental Future!

From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the exercise and solace we find in nature, our personal wellness is inextricably linked to the health of our environment.

But some of the great challenges in empowering environmental stewardship  are how to get us and our youth reconnected with the natural world, how to stay engaged and hopeful in the face of overwhelming issues, and how to work together to creatively respond to our changing world.

That’s why we are so are excited to announce the release of Earth Warriors our Yoga Calm environmental education curriculum for youth.

Leah Shuyler and Lynea Gillen developed this curriculum from their many years of experience with several of Oregon’s outdoor education organizations and leading Yoga Calm environmental education camps. And Mandy Bryn Severin, creator of our Empower program, blessed the curriculum guide with her hand-drawn nature images.

Love, Knowledge & Action

In developing Earth Warriors, we recognized that youth have an inherent attraction to and appreciation (love) of the beauty of animals and the natural world, even if it’s simply street trees, city birds, or bugs in a schoolyard playground. This love of our natural world naturally leads to curiosity and, when cultivated, scientific observation, which sets the stage for education and knowledge. And in turn, this love and knowledge come together to empower informed action and stewardship of that which we love.

What You Will Learn

The Earth Warriors curriculum outlines, step-by-step, how to cultivate Love, Knowledge and Action through dozens of practical, playful activities and lesson plans that blend yoga, ecopsychology, mindfulness, storytelling, art, and simple inquiries into a unique format that teaches students environmental awareness through their bodies, senses, and emotions.

Activities and lesson plans are categorized under four the elements – Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. These elements are a simple and effective way to conceptualize activities, learn experientially and adapt to different ages, abilities and settings, such as classrooms, camps, yoga studios, homes, and more. In addition, the activities meet many K-8 health, science and physical education standards and curricula.

The Earth Warriors curriculum includes:

  • The use of natural settings that are immediately available to youth (schoolyards, backyards, nearby open lots, trees, streams and animals)
  • Skills for scientific inquiry, such as stillness, observation, patience, nature journaling, record keeping, developing theories and hypotheses
  • Youth imagination as a vital source of inspiration toward solving current environmental challenges
  • The connection of children to people and organizations that are helping to protect the environment
  • Youth expression of feelings related to the loss of natural environments, and use of nature to restore a sense of belonging and connection
  • Opportunities to steward the plants, animals and natural areas in the immediate environment
  • The use of story and myth to build a relationship with animals and the environment and develop a language of connectedness
  • Education that is developmentally appropriate (avoiding the feelings of fear or hopelessness)

With this innovative, highly experiential and integrated approach to environmental education, children will derive meaningful connections between personal and planetary health, a lifelong interest in science, and increased environmental citizenry and stewardship.

Free Earth Warriors Curriculum Guide and Yoga Calm for Children

All workshop participants will also receive the Earth Warriors curriculum guide as well as Yoga Calm for Children.


Saturday, October 23, 2021
9am-3pm Pacific Time

Live, online workshop

$100 (includes Earth Warriors Handbook and Yoga Calm for Children)

Can’t make the workshop? A recording of the workshop will be available to registrants or you may purchase the curriculum after October 23.

Cancellation/Refund Policy  

Need More Info?

Read more about our approach in our blog posts: Nurturing Love for the Natural World , Some Reflections as We Near Earth Day 2021 and Nurturing our Natural Love of the Earth.


Lynea Gillen, LPC, RYT, Certified TRE Provider and Trainer, is a pioneer in the field of health and wellness education for youth. Her heart-centered, creative and effective tools were developed directly from her 40+ years of supporting youth as a school teacher, counselor and clinician.

Lynea’s Yoga Calm program was developed in a behavior classroom in a rural Oregon elementary school 20 years ago and is now being used with tens of thousands of children around the world in diverse settings such as urban classrooms, clinics and psychiatric hospitals like the Mayo Clinic. Lynea has also taught environmental education at Willowbrook Summer Camps and Oregon Outdoor School (13 years).

​Lynea is an adjunct professor at Portland State University, Lewis & Clark College, and the University of the Pacific/Benerd College, where she has created over a dozen courses in counseling and special education, and has taught thousands of teachers, counselors and therapists. Her books and media have won nine national awards. Lynea is a licensed professional counselor with the state of Oregon, holds an MS in counseling in education from PSU, and is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Leah Shuyler, MA, NCC, LPC, is Yoga Calm’s Certification Instructor and Online Course Manager. She has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and a specialty in ecopsychology.

She has been working as an Ecotherapist and Equine Assisted therapist for almost 10 years and has worked for Portland’s renowned Trackers outdoor education program as  a certified archery instructor. Leah has been involved in environmental advocacy and environmental education activities since she was a young child, working on community service projects, speaking at conferences, and acting as a delegate for the International Youth Environmental Summit. Leah also served a year in AmeriCorps’s Envirocorps where she provided environmental education to youth in the Portland Metro area.

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