Facing the Mental Health Crisis with Strength, Resilience & Hope


Teachers, parents and mental health practitioners will examine the mental health crisis among young people then learn effective, time-tested, strength-based tools that can help them navigate through the personal and cultural pressures they face to find hope and happiness…

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Lynea Gillen, LPC

Feb 8, 2020

8:30am – 11:30 am

Still Moving Yoga
SW Portland

Young people today are the canaries in the coal mine. They are expressing the tension, stress and fear that is present in our culture. They also have stressors unknown in previous generations from cyber bullying, climate change and school shootings.

In order to support their mental health, it is essential that we listen to their fears, their anger and their pain, and then help them develop their strengths, resilience and optimism for the future.

In this workshop for teachers, parents and mental health practitioners, we will examine the mental health crisis among young people then learn effective, time-tested, strength-based tools that can help youth (K-12) navigate the personal and cultural pressures they face to find hope and happiness.

A decades-long pioneer of whole-child, body-based therapies, Lynea Gillen creatively melds dance, yoga, counseling, literature, music, trauma releasing exercises (TRE) and “active play” into her work. Parents, teachers and colleagues often refer to her as a “kid whisperer,” observing her love and natural talent for connecting with children.

Join Lynea in an intimate setting to learn her time-tested strategies and latest innovations for working with K-12 youth.

What You Will Learn

  • Music, art, movement and other mindfulness activities that provide youth with opportunities for self-reflection, personal expression and time to process strong feelings
  • Activities that help students and teachers identify and name strong emotions at the root of personal and cultural challenge
  • Tools for safely releasing pain and fear
  • Simple activities that help calm the nervous system and can be used in any setting
  • Intention and goal setting that helps students, teachers and therapists to find solutions
  • Positive technology—helping students use technology to connect and heal rather than isolate and increase fear

One of the hallmarks of a Yoga Calm workshop is the collegial sharing and support from other passionate and creative educators and therapists who come from around the region. This workshop format models Yoga Calm’s approach in the classroom, where self-care in a supportive community context serves as the foundation for cognitive and social/emotional learning.

By honoring youth-serving professionals’ intelligence, training and gifts, and supporting their health, well-being and job satisfaction, we can create an environment where both staff and the youth they serve can truly thrive.


$75 ($60 for Certified Yoga Calm Instructors. Contact us for discount code).

10% Discount for groups of three or more.

No previous experience required.

Small group setting with registration limited to 15.

Professional Development Credit

A certificate of completion documenting three clock hours/PDUs will be provided upon request.


Lynea Gillen, LPC, RYT is an award-winning author, speaker and pioneer in the field of health and wellness education for youth.

Her accredited Yoga Calm program is used by tens of thousands of educators, counselors and therapists each day in diverse settings, such as Head Start programs, urban classrooms, occupational therapy clinics, children and teen psychiatric units at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and the Mayo Clinic.

Lynea also has a current practice as a child and family counselor in Portland, Oregon, and has led pre-teen and teen girls therapy groups for over 30 years. Lynea holds an MS in Counseling in Education from PSU, is a TRE Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercise practitioner, and is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher

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