Technology: How it Shapes Our Brains, Relationships & Sense of Self

Doreen Dodgen-Magee, PsyD

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Technology: How It Shapes Our Brains, Relationships & Sense of Self

The average American over the age of 14 engages with screens more than 10 hours a day. These statistics show that the topic of our growing dependence on technology applies to nearly everyone. While the effects differ at each point of development, real changes to the brain, relationships, and personal lives are well documented.

Doreen Dodgen-Magee explores these alterations and offers a realistic look at how we can better use technology and break away from the bad habits we’ve formed in this first of a three-part online workshop series.

Doreen’s personal stories, cutting-edge research, and anecdotes from youth, parents, and professionals have been featured in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and TIME Magazine. Dodgen-Magee reveals the brain changes that result from excessive technology use and offers an approach to the digital world that enables more informed use and lasting change and a healthier long-term perspective.

Balancing Life & Technology in a Digital World

Given that we are living in a culture of ever-changing and advancing technologies, Doreen’s insights and advice will help us all weather the constantly shifting digital landscape by focusing on the concepts of honest assessment and healthy boundary setting rather focusing on specific technologies, digital shaming of our kids, or a “just say no” approach.

What’s Covered?

How technology is shaping the brain:

  • How technology use impacts the ability to focus
  • Why intentional stimulation of the prefrontal cortex is especially crucial today
  • How technology affects functioning between the brain and the endocrine system

How technology is shaping relationships:

  • Relationships in digital worlds versus embodied worlds
  • Objectification and the problem with having too many choices
  • Disclosure, impressions, and intimacy

How technology is shaping the sense of self:

  • Our sense of control over the outcome of events in our lives
  • How we’ve confused stimulation for soothing

How technology is interrupting our embodied experience:

  • Digital versus physical toys
  • Our sense of our body’s appearance and digital representation

More than just focusing on the challenges, Doreen offers a mindful approach and practical tips in assessing current technology use, breaking bad habits, setting new norms, and re-engaging with life with renewed richness and awareness.

Tips, Tools & Answers to Common Questions

This 80-minute online training will provide you with tips and tools you can immediately implement in your personal and professional lives, including a handout with 36 technology interventions. The session also includes a Q&A where Doreen answers common questions from her presentations.

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Meet Our Presenter

Doreen Dodgen-Magee, PsyD, is a psychologist, award-winning author, and speaker. Her first book Deviced! Balancing Life and Technology in a Digital Age recently won the Gold Nautilus Award for Psychology and her work has been featured inThe New York TimesThe Washington Post, and TIME Magazine. She maintains an international speaking schedule, and is followed online via her blog and Instagram, where she posts challenges for living moderately with tech and wildly in embodied spaces.

One of Doreen’s primary passions is engaging people about how the new digital landscape is shaping humanity. Far from being technology phobic or averse, she inspires the consideration of potential new norms around device use and encourages people to become moderate, not abstinent, in their tech engagement.

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Join Doreen for her next online workshop in her series on technology, “How Families Can Moderate Their Technology Use.”  This online training is available on demand.

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