Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Founders: Jim and Lynea Gillen

Year founded: 2000, Portland, Oregon

College accreditations: University of the Pacific, Portland State University, Colorado State University, Alverno State College, Lewis & Clark College, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota 

Professional accreditations: National Board for Certified Counselors, Oregon School Counselor Association, Washington School Counselor Association, Oregon Nurse Association, Oregon State Board of Licensed Social Workers, American Council on Exercise, Yoga Alliance, Occupational/Physical Therapy Boards

Number of teachers, counselors, therapists and others who have attended Yoga Calm trainings (as of 2016): 20.000+

Number of countries trainees have come from: 22

Number of children who benefit from Yoga Calm activities daily: 250,000+

Notable hospitals using Yoga Calm with their young patients: Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, Providence Hospital

Number of states with Certified Yoga Calm Instructors: 14

Yoga Calm media has won more than 9 national media awards, including Mom’s Choice Awards for the books Yoga Calm for Children and Good People Everywhere and the DVD Kids Teach Yoga: Flying Eagle.

A 2014 Wayne State University study of the Yoga Calm program at a low SES, Detroit-area elementary school showed a decrease in stress and improvement in student attention and on-task behavior. Additionally, the study found students’ behavior improved both in the classroom and outside of school.

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