Welcome to Yoga Calm

from Lynea Gillen, LPC, RYT



As someone committed to children’s well-being, you know how children blossom when they begin to discover and develop their unique abilities. As they become more aware of themselves and others, their natural beauty and compassion grows. And when we nurture these abilities, we enable children to succeed. In creating Yoga Calm, my husband Jim and I envisioned a way of doing just that: teaching children how to be mindful, resourceful, and emotionally intelligent, and showing adults how to provide this same education.

I was introduced to yoga when I was sixteen, attending a church camp on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. What stays with me to this day is the feeling I experienced upon entering class in the small chapel overlooking the lake. I was a teenager with a great deal of unresolved grief and anxiety. Yet once in that room, I found for the first time a feeling of peace in my body. It was the beauty of the room. The soft music. The soothing voice of the teacher. The physical practice. I was immediately aware of a healing quality in this space, and I wanted to continue to find it in my daily life.

I found a yoga teacher and began practicing regularly. Eventually, I came to teach others in return. At the same time, I have followed a parallel calling first as a school teacher, then eventually as a school counselor. In both realms, I’ve since applied all I know and have experienced in working with children every day – those in the school I work in and those I’ve had the privilege to know through the Yoga Calm classes Jim and I have taught at a local children’s clinic.

As you explore our site, you’ll see how Yoga Calm’s unique blend of physical yoga and training in social and emotional skills provides a host of benefits to children – from increased self-confidence and self-control to emotional literacy and learning preparedness. The physical work supports the mental and emotional. The mental and emotional support the physical.

Through these pages, you will begin to learn and become oriented to this truly integrated means of addressing some of children’s most basic needs. By educating heart, mind and body together, we can instill in them wellness habits for a lifetime and prepare the way for their future success.