Yoga Calm for Teachers & Counselors

Calmer Classrooms, More Engaged Students

Are your students ready to learn? Are stress and behavioral issues getting in the way?

Calmer classrooms and more engaged students are just two reasons why teachers turn to Yoga Calm, a unique blend of physical yoga and mindfulness activities that nurture social-emotional skills.

Developed by a veteran elementary school counselor, it fosters emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence and self-control. It helps teachers become more effective by getting kids focused and ready to learn.

It’s also becoming a go-to for school counselors, OTs, and other helping professionals involved with preK-12 education today. Where the typical range of needs often seems too much to manage, Yoga Calm and its trauma-informed practices are inherently adaptable to all student populations, including ADHD, ASD, and other special needs students.

Yoga Calm is a proven tool for effective RTI and PBS initiatives. And it’s easily integrated with lessons such as bullying prevention, conflict resolution and friendship skills.

With an investment of as little as 5-10 minutes a day, plus one longer session each week to give depth to the practice, you can see a difference in your classrooms.

Schools using the program report fewer behavior referrals and a more positive climate.

Teachers who use Yoga Calm report a marked drop in behavior referrals, a more positive class climate, and higher test scores. They describe students who become more able to self-regulate and develop confidence that bolsters their enthusiasm for learning and working together. (They also tell us how the yoga helps their own well-being, too!)

Yoga Calm can be taught one-on-one or in group settings. Practitioners report that its body-based activities help kids get into process faster and offer ample skills practice.

More, it’s a set of strategies and tools they can give students to use at home (one recent study of a Detroit school showed that 78% of students used Yoga Calm at home in response to stress). And many educators use it themselves as an effective way to deal with the stress of their profession.

Scroll down to find out more about how Yoga Calm can impact your classroom communities and school environment, and help your students succeed.

The Yoga Calm Community

Yoga Calm is a community of over 20,000 teachers, counselors, health professionals and parents who want to provide kids with the means to grow into happy, healthy, successful adults.

Pervasive Happiness and Calm in the Classroom

Even teaching my first lesson, I felt the relationship with my students change, and grow, for the better. There was a heightened sense of respect for each other, better concentration, more focus, and a pervasive happiness and calm that spread through our classroom. The best part was that these aspects continued throughout the rest of the afternoon! Until Yoga Calm, I’d never had such success!

Judy Tacchini

Teacher, The Child Center, Eugene, OR

Most Important Work I Do

All children need to feel special and capable. Yoga Calm provides this positive perspective, and opportunities for teamwork and non-competitive physical activity. We have students in shelters, homeless and hungry, who know they have gifts to share – and do as they learn how to calm and breathe when the world is falling down around them. Teaching this, I feel, is the most important work I do.

Rochelle Gladu Patten

PE Specialist, Minnesota Teacher of the Year

Integral to ASD Needs

As soon as I began using the ideas and strategies I was learning, I knew I was on the right track for improving the services I was providing the children. Emotional and sensory regulation are two of the biggest needs of students with ASD, and all five Yoga Calm principles are integral to working on just those needs.

Chris Reano

ASD Teacher

In 2013, Minneapolis school social worker Mary T. Schmitz brought Yoga Calm into all her school district’s schools. Find out what students, teachers and parents are saying years later…

Ready to Get Started?

Why wait? Get started now to bring the benefits of Yoga Calm to your students. Since 2005, thousands of teachers and counselors have graduated from our college-accredited courses — giving approval ratings of over 90%.  Click the button below to view the most popular and cost-effective course options.

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