The Power of the Real Experience

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Yoga Calm

One of the things people say they love about our online certification program is how it lets them learn at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want. Yet some folks are initially skeptical about whether any virtual course could measure up to a live training.

That was certainly the case for Irina Yalanzhi, our first certification student in Russia, whose story we shared with you a while back. She had always been “against” this kind of learning, she told us,

because I thought that nothing could substitute the live communication when a student is receiving not only knowledge but real experience and energy, emotions and smiles. Sometimes it becomes even more important than the knowledge itself. But I thought, “Why not try online anyway?
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It may become a good experience, too!” And it has been.

Yet there’s truth in what she says about the power of the “real experience.
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” So much is communicated without words, after all – which is one important reason why actively teaching social-emotional skills is so important these days. On the whole, kids are given fewer opportunities for the free play and other face-to-face interactions that help them develop skills such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, and empathy.

In a similar way, the lively give-and-take at an in-person training is vitally nurturing for adults.

Our Favorite Training: The Oregon Summer Intensive

Still Meadow RetreatOur premier live training, of course, is our Summer Intensive at Still Meadow Retreat in Damascus, Oregon, just east of Portland, in the shadow of magnificent Mt. Hood. We’ve held this event there practically every year since we first started offering the course in the early 2000s.

We keep coming back not just because of the fantastic facilities but also the peaceful beauty of the place. Its meeting hall and dorm-style lodging rest in a bright swath of green surrounded by forest, with vineyards, trails, and a cool brook twisting through. The moment you pull in, a sense of blissful calm enfolds you.

students at Yoga Calm Summer Intensive 2019One of the things we love most about the Intensive is all the different types of people it brings together from across North America and beyond. There are teachers, counselors, OTs, nurses, and other professionals who work with kids. There are parents looking for new supports and skills to share with their own children. Some folks are yoga pros with RYT certifications, while many others practice casually. Some are just trying it for the first time.

Chatting over the delicious meals provided by Still Meadow staff or around the fire pit after a day of yoga and coursework, we see people coming together in truly authentic ways. Yet there are also plenty of opportunities for reflective alone time across the expansive and beautifully landscaped retreat.

For not only does the Intensive offer the opportunity to learn and build up your professional skill set. It’s also an opportunity for you to recharge and renew, to enhance your own self-care skills for your own benefit, as well as the children you work with.

Start Learning Now, then Deepen Your Knowledge in June

kids yoga training at Yoga Calm Summer Intensive 2019There really is nothing like the Intensive, which is why we offer our online Certification Bundle students the experience for only $195 (a $600 discount), to complement their online work.

The online Certification Bundle is not only our most cost effective way to get Certified, but adding the Intensive is a great way to deepen your learning experience, meet the founders of Yoga Calm, and receive the support of other health and education professionals in a relaxed learning environment. This approach allows you to start learning now online, go deep in June and then have lifetime access to the entire curriculum afterwards.

Our other training track is to come to the Intensive and then if you want to certify you can take the Practicum and Capstone courses later. There’s also a special option when registering for the Intensive where you can  add the Practicum and Capstone and save $150. Here’s what else is included with the Intensive:

  • The complete Wellness 1 – 3 course series, covering the full Yoga Calm curriculum
  • Lunch each day of the training
  • Our textbook, Yoga Calm for Children
  • A Hoberman sphere
  • A Mindful Moments card deck

Intensive registrants will also get access to pre-course online materials to prime you for the training, introducing some of the key concepts and practices that you’ll learn experientially at the Intensive.

CEUs, PDUs, and clock hour are available, as well as graduate credit through the University of the Pacific. A certificate documenting training hours will be provided.

This year’s Intensive starts on June 20 and runs through June 23. You can learn even more about the 2020 event here, as well as register and book your lodging at Still Meadow.

We hope you’ll join us! We’d love to see you there.

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