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Create a Culture of Wellness

For Yoga Calm, the essence of what we do is to create a culture of wellness by helping schools, therapists and mental health providers reduce stress for both the youth they serve and their staff, while providing new tools to improve regulation, attention, health, learning and emotional resilience.

Our universal wellness curriculum and peer teaching approach can be adapted to meet the needs of various populations, abilities and settings from PreK and up. And with a tool kit of over 100 classroom- and clinic-tested activities and lesson plans to draw from, your staff can easily integrate Yoga Calm into their existing work.

This empowering, bottom-up approach is quite different from typical top-down interventions dictated by federal policy, testing, fiscal pressures or insurance requirements. By honoring educators’ and therapists’ intelligence, training and gifts, and supporting their health, well-being and job satisfaction, we can create an environment where both staff and the youth they serve can truly thrive.

Flexible, Sustainable & Cost Effective Professional Development

As a provider of school professional development (PD) training for 20 years, we have seen many initiatives come and go due to changes in staff, grant funding and budget cuts. Meanwhile, student health, stress and behavioral issues continue to mount. That’s why we created our comprehensive suite of the following support services:

In-person staff training via Zoom or at your location from 90-minutes to two days.

Online, college-accredited professional development courses. We have created over 12 graduate level courses approved by the University of the Pacific | Benerd College for teachers, counselors and therapists.

Video-based classroom curricula that make implementation as simple as pressing the “play” button. Our new EMPOWER Health & Wellness program is a whole-child education approach that not only supports staff needs and meets education standards, but that’s also flexible, sustainable and low cost.

Coaching services for creation of internal school training resources to provide long-term support for systemic change.

Supporting Existing Initiatives, CASEL & Mental Health

Yoga Calm’s research-supported and college-accredited wellness curriculum and hands-on tools also augment existing school curricula and classroom intervention programs such as PBIS, RTI, Second Step, Conscious Discipline, and Restorative Practices.

Developed by a school counselor in an elementary school behavior classroom 20 years ago, Yoga Calm was specifically developed to develop emotional regulation and social skills through highly engaging experiential activities. This SEL foundation directly supports CASEL’s Core Competencies with an integrated approach that promotes intrapersonal, interpersonal, and cognitive competence, yet adds a fourth, complementary, physical health component that also mitigates the physical effects of stress and trauma.

Yoga Calm’s experiential learning activities engage students physically in learning, not only supporting SEL competencies, but also developing lifelong health and wellness habits.

Since 2000, over 20,000 educators and related service providers from across the world have been trained in Yoga Calm techniques benefiting an estimated 250,000 children per day.

Yoga Calm tools are currently used to support therapeutic interventions for depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and drug-abuse in hospital and clinic settings such as Frontier Behavioral Health Clinics, University of Minnesota’s Masonic Children’s Hospital and the Mayo Clinic.

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Training Packages Available

Introductory Workshop (90-120 mins)

  • Pre-consultation session to co-design workshop
  • On-site specific training utilizing the scientific practices of regulating movement, mindfulness and social/emotional learning
  • Hands-on tools for trauma-informed classrooms, including daily wellness practices, de-escalation tips and interventions, and focus and lifelong wellness habits
  • Alignment to existing standards and participant outcomes

Half-Day Workshop (3 hrs)

  • All features of Introductory Workshop
  • Exploration of Yoga Calm Tools and Mindfulness Principles
  • Application of current neuroscience in attention, stress/trauma, social-engagement and learning
  • Integration of Yoga Calm Tools that address specific student/client needs
  • Includes Yoga Calm Resource Kit (Yoga Calm for Children book, Hoberman Sphere, Mindfulness Chime, Yoga Calm Poster Set)

Full-Day Workshop (6 hrs)

  • All features of Yoga Calm Half-Day Workshop
  • Lecture, experiential learning and strategies for implementation of Yoga Calm Tools and Principles for specific populations and settings
  • In-depth practice of peer-leading regulation/attention techniques, simple movement and social/emotional learning activities
  • Development of Integrative Lesson Plans for immediate use with students/clients

Customized Training

The following is a list of workshop options, including the option to co-design workshops for specific school or agency needs:

  • Brain-Based Strategies for Self-Regulation & Learning
  • Classroom Management: Integration of Mind-Body Techniques
  • Creating an Engaged Group of Learners
  • Self-Regulation for the Professional and Client
  • Trauma Informed Mind-Body Interventions
  • ADHD: Tools for Attention and Self-Esteem
  • Depression: Strategies for Connection and Engagement
  • Parenting: Creating a Calm and Peaceful Home
  • Wellness at Work: Movement, Focus and Collaboration

EMPOWER Online Classroom Health & Wellness Lessons

EMPOWER is an online science-based health and wellness curriculum teachers can implement in their classroom right now, with no previous experience. Just press “play” and go.

Designed for elementary schools (K-4) and homes, EMPOWER creatively integrates science education with daily movement and mindfulness activities, and social/emotional learning (SEL) — practices proven to nurture better behavior and learning outcomes while supporting health and well-being.

The goal of the program is to support a culture of wellness, where students, staff and families learn the science supporting health and wellness and participate in a few simple, accessible and effective mindfulness, movement and SEL activities each day.

EMPOWER may be purchased for $60 (lifetime access) or with a discounted school wide purchase that can be bundled with a staff training for greater effectiveness.

Online Courses Options

College accredited online courses and over 50 training videos are available to complement your in-person staff training, for staff who cannot easily attend in-person or for locations where Yoga Calm courses are not yet available. These online courses are currently used by educators from over 20 countries.

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