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Move to Learn, Heal, & Thrive

Although summertime still means a lot of screen time for kids, a recent Pew Research Center survey delivered some great news: screen usage is down and physical activity is up. But it also points to a challenge most every teacher faces once the new school year begins:...

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Exploring New Worlds with Our Digital Natives

We’ve noticed that our granddaughter has reached the age where friendship skills are very important. She’s been asking us questions about friendships, conflicts, boys and girls, and other things that come along with developing a social self. As many parents know,...

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Help for Those Who Are Born into Trauma

Though the US has only 5% of the world’s population, it accounts for 80% of global opioid use. Over 11 million Americans abuse these drugs, and more than 130 die every day. Yet it’s not just the users who suffer damage. Many of those users are pregnant women. Once the...

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