Yoga Calm Membership

This is an exciting time for those of us who believe in whole child education! Every day, new research validates the importance of teaching mindfulness, integrative movement and social/emotional learning.

Our movement is growing, too. Since we started Yoga Calm in 2000, more than 24,000 teachers, counselors, therapists and parents have attended our trainings – helping hundreds of thousands of children everyday and promoting wellness around the world.

Those who have gone on to complete our Certification Program distinguish themselves as leaders in this movement – unique in their commitment, creativity and experience. We are honored to serve you. Your passion fuels our passion, as we continue to commit our energies and resources back into our work with children.

We feel that this movement is now at a tipping point. More than ever, we need to focus our collective resources, wisdom and strengths to support our youth.

Our annual Membership Program for Certified Instructors is just one expression of our desire to support our certified instructors and their vision. This program is bundled with the Certified Instructor annual license renewal at no additional cost. Here’s a summary of its many benefits.

Clothing & Product Discounts

  • Gaiam (30%)
  • Lululemon (15%)
  • Switch Shoes (15%)
  • Prana (50%)
  • Be Present (30%)
  • Hugger Mugger Yoga Products (40%)
  • Hood River Lavender (10%)
  • ALO Yoga (25%)
  • Hard Tail (20%)
  • Halfmoon Yoga Products & Clothing (20%)
  • Yoga Calm (up to 30%)

Continuing Education

  • Online lesson plan library (with over 800 lesson plans)
  • Free online courses and access to video library (with over 70 training videos from courses, classes and conferences)
  • Free retakes of courses (excluding food & lodging costs)
  • Selected course discounts

Discounts on International Retreats & Trainings

  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Hawaii

Business Development

  • International Certified Instructor Directory listing, PowerPoint presentations, marketing materials & photo library)
  • Activity PDFs
  • Use of the Yoga Calm® trademark
  • Marketing assistance, referrals and consultations from Yoga Calm staff

Become a Certified Instructor

Renew your membership and license.

Contact us at for password assistance, to renew your license/membership, to place an order for Yoga Calm store items, or other questions.


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