Yoga for Kids
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Yoga for Kids
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Integrating mindfulness, movement and social/emotional learning
into your work with children and teens.


Yoga is more than just poses. And so is Yoga Calm.

  • It’s a curriculum – an innovative fusion of physical yoga, social-emotional learning (SEL) activities, counseling techniques and mindfulness practice.

  • It’s a community – of teachers, counselors, health professionals and families who want to provide kids with the means to grow into happy, healthy, successful adults.

  • It’s a calling – to meet the needs of the whole child through physical, emotional and cognitive fitness.

Developed from more than 30 years’ experience in education, counseling and yoga practice, Yoga Calm helps children and teens develop emotional resiliency, leadership and communication skills, trust and empathy, focus and self-control. It’s especially effective for special needs, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and behavior and mental health issues.

The physical yoga is safe for and accessible to all populations. Individual activities can be taught by anyone, in any environment – in as little as 5 minutes!

Originally developed for classroom use, Yoga Calm is now used in a wide variety of clinical and therapeutic settings, including the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

More than 20,000 teachers, counselors, nurses and therapists from around the world have attended our yoga teacher trainings and use what they’ve learned to help more than 250.000 kids. We offer both traditional and online yoga courses and certification in kids’ yoga, as well as yoga for adults (RYT-200, yoga for seniors).

We invite you to join the circle of parents and professionals already sharing Yoga Calm. Learn how to become a yoga instructor with us.

Award winning. Research supported. College accredited. Teacher approved. Family endorsed.

How to Bring More Mindfulness into the Family: Mindful Parenting

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What Is Yoga Calm?

Yoga Calm engages heart, mind and body through its unique integration of physical yoga, mindfulness activities and social-emotional learning. It’s yoga for kids and teens that goes beyond the usual yoga benefits of physical fitness, stress reduction and mindfulness. It helps kids develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, compassion, trust and empathy. It nurtures teamwork and leadership. It provides for a calmer home and more productive school environment.

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