Integrating mindfulness, movement and social/emotional learning into your work with youth

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Exercising the Body = Exercising the Brain

Yoga Calm brain based learning

Can you imagine a school where kids show up dressed for PE? Where physical exercise is just as important as academics – and academic scores go up as a result? That’s the ideal world brain scientist John Medina described to the 3000 plus gathered for the kick-off session at last week’s SHAPE conference in Seattle. Read More

Teaching Yoga to Kids: Why the Teacher’s Emotions Matter


One concept we talk about quite a bit in our Yoga Calm trainings is the power of modeling behavior – whether it’s the teacher’s modeling for the students or students modeling for each other. It’s one reason why mindfulness is such a critical skill to cultivate in ourselves, as well as our students. The more Read More

Expertise You Can Trust

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Yoga Calm engages heart, mind and body through its unique integration of physical yoga, social skills games, mindfulness activities, and counseling techniques. It helps kids develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, trust and empathy. It nurtures teamwork and leadership. It provides for a calmer home and more productive school environment.

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