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Children Need More than the Three Rs!

New research validates what we have intuitively known for years: reducing students’ stress, developing their social/emotional skills, and enhancing their sense of well-being can benefit both their health and their academic performance.

Educating youth today requires a new approach — one that effectively meets their physical, mental and emotional needs, and those of their parents and other adults who work with them, including school teachers, counselors and therapists.

Yoga Calm courses distill the latest research and more than 35 years of school teaching, counseling and yoga and mindfulness experience into practical, easy-to-teach methods that support the whole child, including those affected by trauma and with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, and other behavior disorders.

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Here’s why thousands have taken our courses:

Whole-Person EducationThree Circles

Yoga Calm is committed to the balanced development of students’ physical, mental and emotional aspects. Its youth activities and adult courses are highly experiential and designed to allow for expression in all three of these areas. It also recognizes that physical, mental and emotional processes are at work in every activity and values them equally as sources of information and intelligence.

Brain-Based Learning

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Our courses model the use of our “Activate-Educate-Integrate” cycle — a brain-based learning and therapy approach that uses physical movement and nervous system regulation techniques to prime the brain for cognitive instruction, and then uses relaxation and reflection activities to provide for integration of learned material and emotional processing. This approach, and the creation of safe and supportive learning and therapeutic environments, supports all learners.

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Collegial Support & Interaction

We honor and respect the knowledge and skills of our course participants and provide opportunities for collegial sharing and problem solving. With a rich mix of teachers, counselors, parents and therapists sharing ideas, course participants develop a broad perspective and come away with practical solutions.

Meeting the Needs of Busy Professionals

Our hybrid and online courses allow you to begin your coursework as soon as you register, with online videos, readings and resources. It’s a great way to learn at a convenient time and place and to repeatedly watch and practice activities. Then, with our hybrid courses, you will be ready to deepen your knowledge with experiential activities and Q&A sessions when we meet in person.

Flexibility and Cost savings

Yoga Calm Certification programs feature a modular approach that allows you to work toward certification one course at a time and apply previous coursework toward advanced certifications.


The provision of graduate credits, clock hours and CEUs from several universities distinguishes our courses and is another reason that since 2005, more than 6,000 teachers, counselors and therapists have attended Yoga Calm courses and staff trainings.

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