Certification FAQ

How much does it cost to get certified as a Yoga Calm Youth Instructor?

Total certification costs are as follows:

Online Certification Bundle (includes Wellness 1-3, Practicum & Capstone)
Optional Annual License Fee (includes free Membership program)

Our bundle provides hundreds of dollars in savings versus taking in-person certification courses. Courses qualify for up to five semester-level graduate credits with University of the Pacific | Benerd College ($310 optional fee not included above).

How much time do I have to complete the Youth Instructor certification program?

Most of our certification candidates are busy professionals and parents. We understand your needs, so currently there is no time limit on when candidates have to complete their certification coursework. Plan on about 40 hours to complete the Wellness 1-3 curriculum training, with about an equal amount of time completing the Practicum & Capstone courses requirements (i.e., practice teaching,  lesson planning, teaching demonstrations and other requirements). Given this, some folks complete certification in as little as three to six months, while many take up to a year.

Our new self-paced  online certification courses allow even greater flexibility and convenience regarding where and when you complete your course requirements. And our online course manager, Leah, is just an email or phone call away when you need assistance.

Will my employer cover any of the costs for certification?
School districts and other employers often reimburse for continuing education and materials related to their employees’ work. Check with your employer to find out their reimbursement policies.
Do I need to renew my license regularly? If so, what are the costs?
At the completion of your final Capstone course, a $100 annual membership/license program will be available. This optional program/license is renewed yearly. This fee pays for your license to use the Yoga Calm trademark, costs in promoting your classes and Membership program, including online lesson plan and video libraries, continuing education, product and course discounts, and support of Certified Yoga Calm Instructors.
What yoga experience do I need to take your certification programs?
The Youth Instructor Certification program requires no previous experience (though we recommend that you take weekly classes once you start the program). The Adult Instructor Certification program requires at least one year of experience practicing yoga. You must currently have an RYT-200 or significant experience teaching yoga before registering for the Teaching Yoga to Seniors certificate training.
Traveling to a training isn’t possible for me at this time. Can I take your Youth Instructor Training program online? Or can I fly in for your Intensive and then take the rest online?

Yes! Now you can take all five of the Youth Instructor Certification courses online or mix and match with live courses, depending on your needs and interests. Our unique online course design allows you to learn the Yoga Calm curriculum at a convenient time and location, to repeatedly watch and practice activities, to test and reinforce your new knowledge with interactive quizzes, and to deepen your learning with supplemental materials.

Our online Certification Course Bundle is our most cost- and time-effective way to complete certification anywhere in the world. Another good option is to take one of our three-day Intensives (includes Wellness 1-3 courses), followed by the online Practicum and Capstone course. And if you have 10 or more interested people, we can arrange to set up a course or staff training in your area.

How long do I have access to your online courses, and can I retake an in-person course?
There is no time limit on when candidates have to complete their certification coursework and you can continue to access the online course material indefinitely. You can also retake an online course in person or retake any Yoga Calm course for a $50 fee, space permitting. Certified Youth Instructors may retake courses for free (not including lunches or lodging).
Can I use my training and/or certification from another style/school of yoga toward any of the certification programs?
The Youth and Adult Instructor Certification programs require that all contact hours must be from Yoga Calm. The Yoga for Seniors Certificate requires that you have an existing RYT-200 and/or significant yoga teaching experience.
I have a lot of experience teaching yoga to children and/or am a certified yoga teacher. Can that count toward my certification requirements?
That’s great, but you will still need to complete all certification program requirements to learn the Yoga Calm curriculum and method. Yoga Calm’s focus on social/emotional skill development, integrated learning processes and wellness principles are unique.
After completing the Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Certification program, can I teach the Yoga Calm techniques from the Wellness 1-3 courses to other teachers, counselors and therapists so that they can teach them to children?
Please contact us about becoming a Yoga Calm Trainer to do so, as completion of the Yoga Calm Youth Instructor Certification Program doesn’t authorize you to train adults to teach the Yoga Calm youth curriculum. Professional experience, a master’s degree, experience teaching Yoga Calm youth classes and completion of our Adult Instructor Certification (RYT program) will be a factor in our selection and training of future Yoga Calm Trainers.
Does the Youth Instructor Certification program count toward getting a Yoga Alliance-approved 95-hour Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) designation?

There are many reasons we decided not to pursue offering a Yoga Alliance RCYT program. While we are a registered Yoga Alliance school, our Youth Instructor Certification program preceded the RCYT, is more rigorous and practical, and was specifically designed for teachers, counselors and therapists with it secular approach and accreditation at 8 colleges and universities.

Other reasons are: 1) The Yoga Alliance RCYT “standards” include the teaching of chanting, energy anatomy (Chakra’s, etc) and philosophical concepts that conflict with teaching in secular settings like schools and clinics and can be too esoteric for children versus physical yoga and anatomy, 2) Yoga Alliance requires an RYT-200 certification, which is not necessary for learning how to teach basic kids yoga in school, home and therapeutic settings, 3) Yoga Alliance doesn’t allow youth instructor certification contact hours to be applied toward RYT-200 certification, which we do; 4) Yoga Alliance does not recognize the courses in child development, teaching methodology and physiology that many of our child educators, therapists and professionals have already taken.

Overall, their RCYT  results in redundant training hours and extra costs to you. Finally, our certification program is the most accredited, recognized and awarded yoga for youth instructor training program available.

If I am taking the final Capstone course in person, can I reschedule it?
Since these courses have a limited number of spots and it’s hard to replace cancelled registrations, we ask that you commit to your date. However, we do allow crediting your course registration fees toward a future Capstone date.
What happens if I don’t pass the final Capstone course?
The Capstone is an opportunity to further develop your teaching skills and celebrate what you have already learned. There is no failure. In rare cases, where more development is needed, we will certify you on a “provisional” basis until you meet all requirements.
What do you recommend to help me get the most out of the Yoga Calm Certification Program?
  • The learning process starts in earnest when you commit to it. Once you register for the Integrated Approach to Wellness 1 course, Intensive or Online Certification Bundle you will immediately have access to our online Yoga Calm Learning Community and will begin receiving learning assignments, teaching tips and collegial support.
  • Apply with a work colleague so you have a partner to share resources, ideas and successes with.
  • Read our blog and Facebook page to keep up with our program’s current developments and for continuing education.
  • Put together a calendar noting workshop dates and when you plan to submit your lesson plans and teaching log. Start logging your teaching hours early, right after your Wellness 1 course.
  • Practice what you have learned in courses as soon as possible with your students, families and friends. Making “mistakes” is an important and expected part of learning process. Send emails with questions; this helps everyone in the program.
  • Keep a journal, reflect and take notes of your experiences in yoga classes, Yoga Calm trainings and as you implement activities with your students.
Can I teach Yoga Calm techniques to my fellow teachers informally, to our staff as an inservice or conduct public workshops after I become certified?
With our permission, certified Yoga Calm Instructors may present short (1-2 hour) demonstrations/presentations to their staff. Only Yoga Calm trainers may conduct public workshops, paid trainings, staff trainings or public presentations of these techniques for adults.
May I teach Yoga Calm techniques to parents or other adults as part of family Yoga Calm classes after I become certified?
As a certified Yoga Calm Instructor you may teach Yoga Calm activities to parents or guardians of children in the context of a children’s class.
How do I apply for the certification program?

Contact us about your interest or register for the  Online Certification Bundle.

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