7 Tips for Heading Back to School with Confidence

by | Aug 27, 2010 | Anxiety, Stress, Tips

This week, we’re pleased to feature a guest post by Donna Freeman, yoga instructor, author and founder of Yogainmyschool.com.

With the new school year already underway for some and on the verge of beginning for others, Donna offers some terrific tips for making a positive return to school, which older kids can follow on their own and parents can teach to younger children.

The first day of school is an eventful day. Many children are excited, but there may also be some anxiety and nervousness. Here are some hints on how to avoid chaos and head back to school filled with confidence and enthusiasm. These 7 tips will help you start the school year positively and energetically. By setting yourself up for success emotionally, physically and intellectually, each day will offer new adventures and opportunities for learning and growth.

  1. Rehearse. Before the first day of school arrives, take the time to do four things. First, locate the bus stop and know what time your bus will pick you up and drop you off. Alternatively, trace your path if you walk or drive to school. Second, do a run-through of your morning routine. Know what time you have to get up and the tasks that need to be done to get out of the door on time. Third, visit the school in order to find your classroom and say hello to your teacher. Fourth, visualize your success. See yourself succeeding at school, developing good work habits, making new friends.
  2. Be Prepared.  Pack all your supplies into your backpack. Set out your clothes (maybe a favorite shirt, new shoes or special piece of jewellery) the night before. Have contact numbers for parents and a trusted family friend accessible. Tuck in some money for the cafeteria. Get enough sleep.
  3. Create a Homework Plan.  Designate a specific place at home where you will do homework. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies (pens, paper, ruler, glue, markers, etc.) at hand. Set personal homework rules and times such as “Homework is done before watching TV.” Make a homework plan and set goals for the coming year.
  4. Share. Talk to someone about your fears. Your parents, teachers, siblings and friends are there to support you. Ask for help, even with the little things. That way they don’t become major obstacles preventing your growth and development.
  5. Plan Meals.  Good nutrition is important. Be sure to stock up on healthy options for breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich grains, lean proteins, and a re-usable water bottle.
  6. Try Your Best.  Put your best foot forward and smile. Inhale and exhale slowly if you feel anxious. Say hello to the new kids. Be calm and positive knowing that within you are all the talents and resources needed to meet any challenge. Remember your sense of humor and that school is fun.
  7. Reward Yourself.  Plan a small incentive for the end of the first day. Maybe it is a play-date with your best friend or a special activity with the family. Change can be daunting and you’ve achieved another milestone, so reward yourself for a job well done and celebrate life’s special moments with those close to you.

Donna Freeman, founder of Yogainmyschool.com and author of Once Upon a Pose, believes in living life with an open heart and a upbeat attitude. She encourages all individuals to embrace lasting positive change and connect with who they are and their infinite potential.

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